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Michigan Vibes Screen Print
Let us help transform your idea into reality. We specialize in designing unique creations that exceed expectations. Working with our team is easy, fun and our goal is to be super helpful and have everything come out perfect! So let's take your vision to a whole new level. 

Custom Screen Printing

Michigan Vibes Screen Printing Services   

     We can create a custom design or your own design. We have a wide range of products available from coozies, tees, crews, hoodies, bags and more. Hand-printed with water-based inks which leave a softer feel. Printed and shipped from within Michigan.

Custom Photography & Graphics

Michigan Vibes Design and Screen Print         

Allow us to deliver quality graphics and photos for advertising to move more products or to build your brand. We can create mock-ups of your designs or ideas and allow you to envision the final product. We can take your idea and place it on several products so you can easily decide what you prefer. Then if you need professional photos we can help with that as well.


Michigan Vibes Screen Printing and Design

Based in Saginaw Bay Area 

Michigan Vibes Design and Screen Printing Services




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