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Michigan Vibes Printing

Michigan Vibes Printing screen printing shirts in Saginaw, MI. 
Let Michigan Vibes screen printing transform your idea into reality. We specialize in designing unique creations that exceed expectations. Working with our team is easy and fun. Our goal is to be helpful with your designs and create crisp, soft prints you will love. So let's take your vision to a whole new level.
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Michigan Vibe Screen Printing

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Michigan Vibes Screen Printing

Michigan Vibes Screen Printing
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 Best printing tips

  • Artwork files and all fonts for screen printing are best in vector or raster format. ( for example, .pdf, .tiff, adobe illustrator (.ai), Corel Draw)  
  • High contrasting colors give best visual impact. ( for example, printing yellow ink on black apparel.) 
  • Design artwork using Pantone pallet colors so we can match your colors.
  • 300 dpi or higher and don't flatten artwork.
If you have questions regarding your artwork or prefer us to handle your art, don't hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to turning your idea into reality! Call Shaun at 989-274-4608 or email and get a quote.
Michigan Vibes Screen Printing
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