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About Us

About Michigan Vibes Printing

Michigan Vibes Printing is a socially-minded, online shop whose founders Shaun and Jillian Carter are passionate about the mitten! Our gear is designed to show off our awesome state and give off some good vibes. 

We celebrate the people of Michigan, their stories, history, land, water and what makes this area so unique! Our mission as a company owned and run by wild Michigan natives, is to utilize sources as local and sustainable as possible; we want to protect the land and water we love in Michigan. We design our gear right here in the Great lakes Bay region and know you'll look fab in it!

People know us because of our Michigan Vibes clothing line. Although, the majority of our business comes from screen printing, designing and helping local businesses or people who need custom gear. We can design your merchandise, set up a store for you, handle all transactions and deliver the gear in a timely manner. 

We also use eco-friendly water-based inks that make the prints so soft that in some cases it can't be felt on the garments. We match high quality materials with our special printing techniques to create a smooth finish that dyes the garment verse sitting on top of it. Check out some of our designs for an idea of what your gear would look like.


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